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Change over days at Anamore Yachting

August 12 2017 | 2 comments

Behind a quick and smooth guests change on our yachts, always stands a great team. We would like to show you some snap shots with what need to happen, during a few hours at Marina Kremik, do get our fleet spick and span for the new charterers. From cleaning the cabins, checking the equipment, small repairs to loading the stores there is lots to do. By the way, did you know that you can pre-order your required stores at Anamore Yachting. Contact our reservation team to find out more about this shopping service, the requirements and the service fee. Make your departure as easy as possible.
Finally we would say a big thank you very much for the tips and presents we often find on the yachts left for our team. Hvala!
Happy sailing and enjoy the warm hospitality of Anamore Yachting. 


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Getting the yacht ready for another group is always time consuming and a lot of hard work! Sounds like you guys have your procedure down pat!
16/08/2017 23:49:24

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