Dobar Tek means: Enjoy your meal

January 13 2015 | 5 comments

Dobar Tek means: Enjoy your meal
One of the most popular dishes in Dalmatia is Peka. While you are sailing the Dalmatian coast, don’t miss to try it. It is delicious and many restaurants also on the islands have it on the menue. Please be aware, that it has be ordered in advance, because of the long cooking time (1,5 to 2 hours). Our Team from Anamore Yachting can help you to preorder it. There are great places around Primosten in the little villages who also offer Peka. It is definitely a great experience for the last evening after your sailing vacation in Croatia.
So what is Peka: it is a baked dish with vegetables, meat (veal, lamb, chicken), fish or octopus in the fireplace traditionally under a steel bell (the so called “cripnja” – a special lid which is put over the flat tray or pot with the ingredients).  All is braised in its own juices, that’s why it tastes so good.
Dobar Tek

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