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Croatian lighthouses

September 02 2014 | 4 comments

Along the East-Adriatic coast there are 48 lighthouses. Some of them are rented out as apartments during summer for those who love the “Robinson Crusoe” type of holidays (www.lighthouses-croatia.com).
Many of the lighthouses in Croatia were built in the early 19th century. White stone walls a meter thick form often an octagonal tower, the height of the lenses  is calculated by a trigonometrical formula (so that the light will be seen before the sailors reaches the danger). 
The lamp was originally lit by open fire, later candles, oil (whale) and than cerosine. Acetylene gas was used in the 20th century. Nowadays the lamps are powered by solar energy (so the lighthouses are self- sustaining) and many of them have no keeper anymore and were operated by remote control.
While sailing along the wonderful coast in Croatia you will often see lighthouses which still mark the
navigation routes (even in this times of GPS and Plotters).
Sailing south from the Marina Kremik in Dalmatia after a couple of miles at the entrance to Rogoznica you will find a very picturesque lighthouse near Razanj.
Mulo Rock lighthouse
This lighthouse was built in 1873 and is one of the oldest in Croatia. It consists of an octagonal stone tower and a building with ground floor and first floor. Making part of the lighthouse there is an engine room, 2 wharves, a boat hoist and a boat shelter. It has no lighthouse keeper anymore.
Have your camera ready.

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