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Dolphins ahead!

June 19 2018 | 13 comments

Our Anamore Yachting guest Torsten S., who also sent us the great dolphin photos you can see below, must have had one of the best days in his life. He and his crew had the rare experience of two dolphins, who decided to use our yacht for having fun playing around the ship and entertaining the crew. They stayed quite for a while, showed off with high jumps and crossing just in front of the yacht using the swell to get the right speed. Well, they were fantastic in what they did. Simply a fantastic experience. From the Anamore Yachting Team a big thank you to Torsten S. for the great photos and if YOU want to see maybe the dolphins, too (well, if you are lucky enough), book your yacht, straight away, for your next holidays in Croatia -with us- here on www.anamoreyachting.com 

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