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Becoming friends- Mirno More Peace Fleet (2nd part)

October 22 2017 | 8 comments

Early in the morning, just before departure, I walked down from my hotel to the Marina to join the Mirno More Friedensflotte Bayern crew on Anamore Yachting's "Boomerang". Actually quite nervous all together, I asked myself "Have you ever been that nervous before? Well, yes, a long time ago when I had to go to school the first time. 
That day in Croatia brought up quite the same feelings because I was invited to join a great working group of Mirno More Peace Fleet Bavaria (Friedensflotte Bayern) crew, who have already spent some days together on Boomerang and as a "late comer" it felt a bit strange. 
I arrived at the yacht and was welcomed by the Skipper Franz and his crew. What a warm welcome! Immediatedly we introduced ourselves, started to chat away and shared many laughters.  I had to explain what I am going to do on the yacht and why (funny as it was) I didn't come straight from the beginning.  As mentioned, the group had already been sailing for a couple of days and discovered the Croatian Adriatic Sea with one adventure followed by another. Usually I like to have a plan to know what's going on, but on that day...the best plan would be, right, sticking to no plan. So I just let the trip begin and took everything, as it came. Great idea!
We a had a fantastic day together. With morning coffee, tea and a bit to bite, we had a spectacular departure with all the other yachts around us and we could look forward to an entire day full of sailing and getting to know each other even better.
I learned very quickly that Mirno More means a lot more than "peace fleet" and just spending some sailing hours together.
The peace fleet and of course the flotilla at the last day bring people together, make people talk to each other, help each other, support each other or simply make new friends from around the world.
A fantastic crew was on Boomerang, simply straight ahead, with no questions spared and many laughters shared! Finally it was our turn to depart and every thing went very well. The white fleet left, sailing boat after sailing boat departed the marina and formed a long line, a fleet, of beautiful boats.
A little later in the morning it was snack time again with some tea and coffee. And as we all know, having something to bite always lifts the mood of tired sailors (that was because of the great party on the evening before) and we had an amazing time on the back deck of the ship.
We were chatting away - getting to know each other well - listening to each other - discussing problems and solving them together and become a group of friends who shared many, many laughters - that all is it about, we simply made new friends
What a mind blowing experience for me and seriously, I have never ever got  so many hugs from lovely people for refilling cups with coffee and tea. Watch this space when we keep on sailing with Mirno More Friedensflotte a long the Croatian coast in some weeks .... here on www.anamoreyachting.com

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